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Manchester Mega Mela was successfully organised on 23rd and 24th July 2011 in Plattfield Park, Manchester.
Chairman of the Mela Puspa Shrestha read out a message of best wishes from the Prime Minister David Cameron in the opening ceremony of the Mela.
Chairman Puspa Shrestha said “ Manchester Mega Mela is a wonderful celebration, organised by the 5 South Asian Community Associations of Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.“
“The Mela wishes to promote an understanding of the South Asian culture. It has a fascinating history, a rich cultural heritage and a diverse ethnic mix. The Mela offers something for everyone “ said Mr Shrestha.
Mr Shrestha went on to say “ Mela will stimulate an interest in and raise awareness of the South Asia and reinforce the culture of our homelands to our children born in the UK.”
Chairman Mr Shrestha thanked sponsors, Manchester City Council, Arts Council, Lycamobile, Greater Manchester Police, stall holders, volunteers, Community Associations, media, dancers, musicians and artists, for making the Mela a success.
He also thanked the Mayors, the Councillors, MPs and distinguished guests for attending the Mela.
Further more Mr Shrestha also believed that the Mela was able to bring the South Asian communities together and helped the Nepalese community to influence in policy making process of the wider community in the region.
Around 70,000 people attended the Mela. The Nepalese dancers performed wonderful traditional folk dances. The Nepalese National flags were flying along side those of the South Asian flags during the Mela.