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Dr. Jordan is a member of the Association and has sat on the Steering Committee for past Himalayan Festivals; he has also given talks at the same. Since 2nd October, 2001, when he gave the first of his illustrated talks “Sir Edmund Hillary’s ‘Schoolhouses In The Clouds’”, Bob has given 94 of these talks. As a result of this he has raised £4185.50 in donations for The Himalayan Trust (UK) which are used to help the Sherpas in Nepal.
The background to the talks originates from July, 1965 when together with his Wife, Jane, of 4 weeks, Bob was posted by the British Council to Kathmandu for 4 years. He was to organise and teach in-service courses for teachers of English at schools in Nepal. During his time there he met Sir Edmund Hillary at a cocktail party at the British Embassy during August, 1968 who asked him about his work. Sir Edmund then invited him to inspect a number of schools in the Solu-Khumbu region and train the English teachers there. Together with his Wife Jane he visited 6 schools between 3rd and 18th September 1968.
Bob also possesses the largest collection of books about Nepal, in Britain. The number of books is well over 1800 and includes the first one published in English (in 1811) “An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal” by Colonel William Kirkpatrick.