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The Association held its Annual Summer Picnic on Sunday, 8 July 2012 at Platt Field Park, Manchester.
Despite an initial wet weather forecast, the sun eventually came out from behind the clouds. This heralded the arrival of Nepalese food provided by the Himalayan Restaurant from Levenhume, Manchester.
The sport competition got underway with tug of war and a special pass the parcel for the women in attendance.
What promised to be a dull day turned into a glorious afternoon of sunny weather and everybody was having had a good time.  
The Association would like to express its thanks to Raj Kumar & Sophie Shrestha for providing the delicious food, and Gopal Dangol, Buddhi Ram Shrestha, Dr Mohan Man Pradhan, Dr Gopal Joshi, Dr Yogendra Bajracharya, Nirmal Karki, Chandra K.C. and Puspa Shrestha for sponsoring the Raffle prizes and Parbuty Dangol Rana for organising the raffle.