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13th September 2010. Even though the number of workers leaving for overseas job increased by more than 35 percent, remittances inflow grew by just 10.5 percent and stood at Rs 231.71 billion in 2009/10, according to the Nepal Rastra Bank.

11th September 2010.

Nepal stood in 130th position in Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011. Switzerland is on the top of the list of the report prepared by analysing micro and macro economy of countries by the World Economic Forum. Centre for Economic Development and Administration Research (CEDA) of Tribhuvan University has been undertaking the responsibility of research.

Wednesday, 8th September 2010. The Father's Day, or 'Buwa ko mukh herne din', is being observed across the country on Wednesday.
The festival celebrates the deep bond shared by the fathers and their children. In the Newar community, sons and daughters offer delicacies and gifts to honour and express their love towards their fathers. Sweets and clothes shops have been thronged by people since yesterday.

A 24 years old Colombian has taken the title of the world's shortest man, measuring just 27 inches high (70 cm) - slightest taller than the height restrictions for a piece of carry-on aeroplane luggage.
Edward Nino Hernandez weights just 22 lbs and has just been officially certified as the world's shortest living man by Guinness World Records.

The Association is celebrating Dashain and Dipawali on Sunday, 24th October 2010 at 12.30 pm at Irish Association Social Club, High Lane, Manchester M21.
The President and members of the Association wish to extend an invitation to everyone to join us to celebrate the Dashain and Tihar (Dipawali). 
Please contact Social Secretary Liesh Pradhan (07983 481084) and General Secretary Bijay Shrestha (07795 055935) for details.