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30th September 2010. If all goes well, Nepal may join the league of oil producing countries in the near future. The prospects of petroleum production this time around seem bright as a British Company has been spearheading exploration in five different areas across the country. There are hopes also because a US company has reportedly assured resumption of its incomplete exploration in two areas.

27th September 2010. Nepali Congress Youth leader Gagan Thapa secured highest number of votes in the open category for Central Working Committee (CWC) members while winners for the zonal category were also announced on Monday afternoon. According to the results, the following 39 leaders have been elected to the NC CWC from the 12th General Assembly of the party.

26th September 2010. A blunder by the District Administration Office (DAO) -- typical of administrative negligence in this part of the world -- has made a 60-year-old Kavre woman an oldest human being alive at 155 years.


24th Sep 2010: As the Dashain festival approaches nearer, major domestic airlines said their tickets to popular destinations have already been booked. Tickets to other parts of the countries, however, are still available.

22nd September 2010. Indra Jatra, which is regarded as the festival to worship God of rain Indra, was celebrated in Kathmandu valley and some nearby districts, Wednesday. Marked as a public holiday in the valley, the main attraction of the festival is the procession of chariots and masked dancers representing deities and demons. Celebrations are also marked by rare display of the deity Aakash Bhairab and Ganesh.

22nd September 2010. Nepali Congress (NC) Acting President Sushil Koirala has been elected to the post of party president. In the election for the party president held Tuesday, Koirala secured 1,652 votes while his nearest rival Sher Bahadur Deuba received 1,317 votes. The other presidential candidate, Bhim Bahadur Tamang, could garner only 78 votes.

21st September 2010. It has been two decades since 62-year-old Hira Bahadur Shakya, proprietor of Rastriya Daura Suruwal Tailors at Bangemudha, sensed that his trade was under threat as Nepal´s traditional dress with over six centuries of history was clearly faltering in its battle against Western-style apparel.Since the advent of multiparty democracy, the population in the capital has almost quadrupled, but Shakya´s clientele has remained the same in size, giving credence to his fears that the daura suruwal is loosing its centuries-old charm.

17th September 2010.  In a significant development, the UCPN (Maoist) has agreed in principle to disassociate the People's Liberation Army (PLA) from the party and place it under the Special Committee formed for supervision, integration and rehabilitation of the former combatants.

Tibetan authorities have agreed in principle to resume the Kathmandu-Lhasa bus service and provide visa to international tourists.A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in this regard during the fourth meeting of China´s Tibet-Nepal Joint Tourism Coordination Committee held on Monday and Tuesday in Lhasa, Tibet.

The total number of internet users have increased by a mammoth 160 percent within a year.The rise in the number of people using GPRS through mobile sets has chiefly contributed to augment the total number of net surfers in the country. According to the latest report released by Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA), the internet density has surged to 4.85 percent.